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Apr 10, 2022
In Psychology
Many start-ups and scale-ups struggle with this. The extent to Telemarketing List which a team is aware of these dynamics partly determines the chance that collaboration will take place more often in flow. As an entrepreneur or manager you can get a better grip Telemarketing List on this than you may experience now. What you can do to get a better grip on team dynamics: You can take a big step towards a mature team by regularly consciously reflecting on the Telemarketing List cooperation within the team. A cool way to do this is through serious gaming. A serious game is a situation in which Telemarketing List participants have to complete a goal together in a game. Because participants are placed in an unfamiliar setting, they naturally display preferred behavior: the same behavior that they display during Telemarketing List work. When you open the conversation from such a game, more open conversations are started and the yield of these conversations is many times higher. By evaluating and translating insights from Telemarketing List from the serious game to the work setting, qualities, pitfalls, irritations and challenges become visible. Follow through on this as a team: how are we Telemarketing List going to organize this together? What gives us energy? Who can we optimally deploy on what? Some examples of Telemarketing List serious games you could take a look at: Have the team assemble a kit. As a game leader, you can make this more difficult by withholding crucial parts; with the Telemarketing List right questions, participants can gain access to this.