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Apr 12, 2022
In Psychology
How to get on top of Google's 2021 buy email database book cover top googlefree Download free copies of our bestsellers, " How to get to the top of Google" Download my free copy 3. Are they predominantly male or female? Just as important as your buy email database audience's age and where they live is their gender. Targeting your women's makeup brand to men isn't necessarily a bad choice in the run-up to Christmas, but these ads are unlikely to convert buy email database into sales for the rest of the year. By targeting updates and ads buy email database only to women, you can reduce wasted spending on your ad campaigns and reinvest that money in retargeting customers you already have for repeat sales. Social media networks like Facebook and buy email database Twitter have built-in ad networks that are getting deeper every day. Today, you can create ads that only target the correct gender (plus age group, location, and more) at a much lower buy email database cost per click. Learn how to use audience personas in your social media strategy to increase conversions on our podcast. Subscribe to download our Buyer Persona buy email database Checklist Stuck on putting your buyer personas together? Subscribe to our informative ( and not intrusive! ) mailing list and we'll return the favor and send you our easy-to-follow list of buyer buy email database personas Name * Name * Email * Email * e-mail This field is used for validation purposes and should remain unchanged. 4. How do you market your product to these people? Knowing your buy email database demographics greatly helps you create convertible social media updates and ads. Some people need to repeatedly see the product in action with photos and videos in the days before buying. Networks like YouTube and Periscope are perfect for showing not only how your product works, but how easy it makes the lives of those who use it.