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Apr 10, 2022
In Psychology
All this, mounted on a neoliberal logic based on continuous performance12, but also about a cybernetic logic that called for the need to correlate data to predict, with the aim of preventing and optimizing13, was enunciated as an «empowerment practice». In other words, as the individual is continuously modulated by the application of different Whatsapp Mobile Number List metastable profiles that guide the information, relationships, people, consumption, places, and interests to which he accesses, it is argued that this allows him to optimize time, effort and energy to set himself up an orderly and efficient life. In this way, the algorithmic mechanisms would begin to predict, suggest, and lead what is considered the "best and most appropriate" for citizens, taking away from them the "heavy burden" of having to make decisions alone, without any assistance, in a world Whatsapp Mobile Number List crammed with processed data purportedly to provide such guidance. Mounted on these arguments, the algorithmic profiling and personalization mechanisms Whatsapp Mobile Number List expand, to the point of consolidating a logic of silicolonization of life14, understanding that each new development was not only a symbol and engine of progress and democracy but also a technological solution to remedy all of life's problems. In short, it was argued that the effects of the application of the profiling logic would contribute to increasing the democratic exercise, with the argument that the data, algorithms and profiles pursue an apolitical and normative logic, and are "blind" to social differences, political, religious, ethnic or gender. Therefore, it was considered that, since the Whatsapp Mobile Number List orientations are produced only on the basis of data correlations, this could increase the opportunities for multiple groups of the population, since the considered «social biases» would virtually vanish and the focus would be on what the user "has said and done".