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Mens counselling


 Traditionally women are proficient in establishing emotional attachment with others and expressing their emotions. 

Stress and Relationship Management Counselling

When you hold on to a stressor for a longer time, it becomes distress. It is like holding a glass of water for hours together

Other online services

Assignment & Project help

Our vision and mission is to help every human being to lead a happier, safer and satisfied life with the available resources.

Emotional management coaching

Proper management of emotions is a skill. It is the golden gate for you to rediscover the beauty of life.

Meet the service provider:

Dr. Nelson C Elias

Rediscover the beauty of your life.

Founder Member & Vice President Association of Interventional Psychologists


Psychologist, Counsellor, Author & Teacher


0.00 INR.


M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.(Psychology)


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Enlighten your minds.

Stay updated with blog. Read useful tips for psychological disorders and get in touch with

            latest findings.

Art and psychology - an analogy

We had different forms of art which are unique in their own nature and the same art form is performed by different artists in different ways. How unique each one is! Let us take the art form of painting as an example....

Psychology is considered as a science and scientific method is considered

to be the best method of knowing...

Literature - the best way to get out of emotional numbing

Emotional numbing is the mental and emotional process of shutting out feelings which will be experienced as deficits of emotional response and reactivity by the individual....

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Books Corner

Know Thyself

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(Chapters I to VI Pages 127)
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A must read book for all those who deal with adolescents. Please visit    to buy/know more about the book.

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Seek help from the helplines such as DISHA1056;               

Sanjeevani: 0471-2533900; Maithri: 0484-2540530; Thanal: 0495-2760000; Pratheeksha: 0484-2448830, if you need  an emergency intervention or having suicidal ideation.

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