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Meet the Founder

psyclinic is founded by Dr. Nelson C Elias - A Psychologist from Kerala. 

                                                  This is a free, non commercial,

non-profit making and educational portal with a mission to help others. 

Dr. Nelson C Elias

Dr. Nelson. C. Elias, PhD (Psy.)had done his B.A, M.A, M.Phil and PhD in psychology besides having a post graduate diploma in counselling and a graduation in education. Had undergone training in various treatment approaches such as behavior therapy, hypnotherapy, logo therapy and acupuncture who is working in the field of education for more than two decades.          



     It is your platform for emotional freedom with a mission and vision for making psychology and its services more lay man friendly and cost effective. Psychology is a science and it uses scientific ways to enlarge its body of knowledge. There is nothing mystic about it. What makes it look a bit mysterious, is just because it is a growing science that had surpassed only its stage of early childhood. There is a lot more to be discovered in many areas of psychology such as the brain-behaviour connection, memory etc. they still remains to be partially mysterious. This mysterious nature is misused by many to make huge profits. They mislead people for their benefit. Many fall prey to their tricks. Psychology is also a subject that helps people to make huge amounts of money from the corporate world. Every one is after the human resource management strategies and personality development training programmes. We learn the basics of every branch of study at school. We are eager to add new branches such as artificial intelligence into the school curriculum. But we are never bothered about the emotional intelligence. The study of self is always kept at bay from the school curriculum in most of the countries. The fog of mystery would disappear once the rays of new scientific information comes in. so, our mission should be to unlock the veil of mystery surrounding psychology and make it look more scientific to the common people. So, every one who study psychology should keep this point in mind.

Self discovery is the greatest of all discoveries. Help people to achieve it. Make psychology and its services accessible to everyone in the society without going through all the technical jargons and of course pocket friendly.

For this is journey that men make to find themselves. If they fail in this it does not matter
much what else they find

       -        James Michener

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